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  In The Name of God, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful
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The Names of Allah mentioned in the Qur'an and Sunnah number over one hundred, as several scholars have agreed (see Al-Qawaa'id al-Muthlaa fi Sifaat Allahi wa Asmaa'ihi by Shaykh Muhammad ibn Saalih ibn 'Uthaymeen). Among these names are 99 that will lead to paradise, insha'Allah.

There is a list of 99 specific Names of Allah that is found in hadith and is rejected as 'weak' by the following scholars: at-Tirmidhi, al-Baihaqi, ibn Hazm, al-Dawudi, ibn Taymiya, ibn Katheer, ibn Hajr, al-Juwaini, ibn Baz, al-Albani, ibn Uthaimin and Abdul Qadir al-Arnaut.  They consider the actual listing of the names as a later addition by one of the narrators of the hadith and that some narrators mistakenly included it as part of the hadith. This well-known or at least highly publicized list contains Names of Allah swt that cannot be found in authentic hadith or Quranic text. Meanwhile, modern day Sufi's exploit this list by offering mystical, unsupported advice for the use of each Name (i.e. "say this 100 times in a row over a glass of water, blow on it, and you are guaranteed success...").

The fact that there are 99 Names leading to paradise, is authenticated in the following hadith, although it does not list which Names those are:

Hadith - Sahih Muslim and Bukhari 8:419, Narrated Abu Huraira : Allah has ninety-nine Names, one hundred minus one, and whoever 'ahsaha' [enumerates them, believes in them, ponders their meanings, worships Allah by them and supplicates with them, and acts by them according to one's belief in them] will enter Paradise; and Allah is Witr ("Odd", i.e. He is one, and it is an odd number) and loves 'the Witr' (i.e., odd numbers).

The Names of Allah swt should be memorized, understood, acted upon, and called upon.

The 99 Names listed on these pages are not necessarily the 99 that you should learn in order to attain paradise, but are merely provided as a starting point for learning and ultimate means to draw near your Lord.


20:8 Allah! there is no god but He! To Him belong the most Beautiful Names.
  Allahu la ilaha illahuwa lahu al-asmao alhusna
59:24 He is Allah, the Creator, the Evolver, the Bestower of Forms (or Colours). To Him belong the Most Beautiful Names: whatever is in the heavens and on earth, doth declare His Praises and Glory: and He is the Exalted in Might, the Wise.
  Huwa Allahu alkhaliqu albari-oalmusawwiru lahu al-asmao alhusnayusabbihu lahu ma fee alssamawatiwaal-ardi wahuwa alAAazeezu alhakeemu
7:180 The most beautiful names belong to Allah: so call on him by them; but shun such men as use profanity in his names: for what they do, they will soon be requited.
  Walillahi al-asmao alhusnafaodAAoohu biha watharoo allatheenayulhidoona fee asma-ihi sayujzawna ma kanooyaAAmaloona

قال صلى الله عليه وسلم ألا أنبئكم بخير أعمالكم ، وأزكاها عند مليككم ، وأرفعها في درجاتكم ، وخير لكم من إنفاق الذهب والورق ، وخير لكم من أن تلقوا عدوكم فتضربوا أعناقهم ويضربوا أعناقكم ؟ قالوا بلى يا رسول الله قال : ذكر الله تعالى

"Shall I not inform you of the best of your deeds, the most sanctified in the sight of your Lord, that raises your ranks and that is better for you than spending in gold and money and better for you than meeting your enemy, striking their necks and them striking your necks?" They said, "Certainly [tell us]." He said, "It is the thikr [mention/remembrance] of Allah.".
[Recorded by Al-Tirmidhi. Sahih by al-Albani. Muhammad Naasir al-Deen al-Albani, Sahih al-Jaami al-Sagher, vol. 1, p. 612]


It is not possible to perfectly translate the names and attributes of Allah from their original Arabic into English. However, here are some fairly close explanations.

When wishing to recite all The Beautiful Names of Allah, begin by saying...

Huwal laahul ladhi laa ilaaha illaa huwa
Huwa Allahu AlLathi Laa Ilaaha Ella Huwa

The last letter of each name of Allah should be recited with the vowel Dhamma (Pesh Dhamma) and joined to the next name. But when pausing to take breath the last letter should be recited with a Sukoon (Jazam Saakin) and the following name should be started with Al (Al).

For example, start as follows...

Huwal laahul ladhi laa ilaaha illaa huwar rahmaanur raheemul malikul quddoos
Huwa Allahu AlLathi Laa Ilaaha Ella Huwa ArRahmaanu ArRaheemu alMaliku alQuddoos

...and continue till the end.



1. Allah (The Name of Allah)

Allah is Allah's name only. Nothing else can assume this name or share it.

2. Ar-Rahmaan (The Compassionate)

He is the one who wills mercy and good for all creation at all times. He pours upon all creation infinite bounties.

3. Ar-Raheem (The Most Merciful)

He is the source of infinite mercy and beneficence, who rewards with eternal gifts the one who uses His bounties for the good.

4. Al-Malik (The Sovereign)

He is the owner and rule of the entire universe, visible and invisible, and of all creation, from before the beginning and after the end.

5. Al-Quddoos (The Most Holy)

He is the most pure one, devoid of all blemish, shortcoming, weakness, heedlessness and error.

6. As-Salaam (The Bestower of Peace)

He is the one who saves the believing servants from all dangers, bringing them peace, blessings and security of paradise.

7. Al-Mu'min (The Granter of Security)

He is the illuminator of the light of faith in hearts. He is the comforter, the protector of the ones who take refuge in Him.

8. Al-Muhaymin (The Protector)

He is the protector and the guardian. He is the one who sees to the growth of His creation, leading them where they are destined to go.

9. Al-'Azeez (The Mighty)

He is the victorious one whom no force can overwhelm. There is no strength in this universe that can stand before His will.

10. Al-Jabbaar (The Compeller)

He is the repairer of the broken, the completer of the lacking, the one who can enforce His will without any opposition.

11. Al-Mutakabbir (The Majestic)

He is the greatest, who shows His greatness in everything, on all occasions.

12. Al-Khaaliq (The Creator)

He is the one who creates from nothing, creating at the same time the states, conditions and sustenance of all that He has created. He establishes how, when and where creation will take place.

13. Al-Baari' (The Maker)

He is the one who orders His creation with perfect harmony - not only each thing within itself, but everything in accordance with everything else.

14. Al-Musawwir (The Fashioner of Forms)

He is the one who, without using any model, shapes everything in the most perfect manner.

15. Al-Ghaffaar (The Forgiver)

He is the one who accepts repentance and forgives.

16. Al-Qahhaar (The Subduer)

He is the ever-dominating one, who has surrounded all His creation from without and within with His irresistible power. Nothing can escape Him.

17. Al-Wahhaab (The Bestower)

He is the donor of all, without conditions, without limits, without asking any benefits or return, giving everything to everyone, everywhere, always.

18. Ar-Razzaaq (The Provider)

He is the sustainer. Sustenance, both spiritual and physical, is needed to maintain the creation

19. Al-Fattaah (The Opener)

He is the opener and the solver, the easer of all that is locked, tied and hardened.

20. Al-'Aleem (The All-Knowing)

He is the one who knows all. He knows what has happened, what is happening and what will happen from the beginning to the end.

21. Al-Qaabidh (The Withholder)

He is the one who constricts. All existence is in His power. The life on this planet is a test for us, but He does not test His servants above their ability.

22. Al-Baasit (The Expander)

He is the one who releases abundance, joy, relief and ease after difficulties.

23. Al-Khaafidh (The Abaser)

He is the one who raises His creatures to honor and fame and who can cast them down to be the lowest of the low.

24. Ar-Raafi' (The Exalter)

He is the one who raises His creatures to honor and fame and who can cast them down to be the lowest of the low.

25. Al-Mu'iz (The Bestower of Honor)

He is the one who honors and the one humiliates.

26. Al-Muthil (The Humiliator)

He is the one who honors and the one humiliates.

27. As-Samee' (The All-Hearing)

He is the one who hears all - that which comes from the lips, passes through the minds, is felt by the hearts, the rustling of the leaves in the wind, the footsteps of ants and the atoms moving through the void.

28. Al-Baseer (The All-Seeing)

He is the one who sees all - that which has passed, all there is and all there will be until the end of time.

29. Al-Hakam (The Judge)

He is the one who orders. He is the bringer of justice and truth. He judges and executes His justice.

30. Al-'Adl (The Just)

He is the absolute justice. Justice secures peace, balance, order and harmony. He is the enemy of tyrants.

31. Al-Lateef (The Most Affectionate, The Knower of Subtleties)

He is the most delicate, fine, gentle and beautiful one. He is the one who knows the finest details of beauty.

32. Al-Khabeer (The All-Aware)

He is the one who is aware of the hidden inner occurances in everything. He is the one whose cognizance reaches the deepest, darkest, hidden corners of His kingdom, where neither human intelligence nor His angels can penetrate.

33. Al-Haleem (The Forbearing)

He is forbearing in the punishment of the guilty. He waits, giving time to the sinner to realize His guilt and ask forgiveness in order that He may forgive him rather than punish him.

34. Al-'Atheem (The Magnificient)

He is the greatest on the earth below and in the heavens above, in realms where our sight cannot reach and of which our minds cannot conceive. He is the absolute and perfect greatness.

35. Al-Ghafoor (The Forgiving)

He is the most forgiving one. He veils our faults from the eyes of other men, from the angels and relieves us from the suffering of continual remembrance of our faults.

36. Ash-Shakoor (The Grateful)

He is the one who repays a good deed with a much greater reward. Thankfulness is to return good with good.

37. Al-'Aliyy (The Highest)

He is the highest one. He is higher than the whole of the created universe. His nearness and farness and His being high cannot be measured by the limits of human intellect.

38. Al-Kabeer (The Greatest)

He is the greatest, whose greatness stretches from before the beginning until after the end. There is no difference for Him between the creation of an atom and the infinite-seeming universe. This is His grandeur as much as we can understand it. He is greater than that.

39. Al-Hafeeth (The Preserver)

He is the one who remembers all that was and all that is, keeping in His divine protection all that there will be.

40. Al-Muqeet (The Sustainer)

He is the nourisher of all creation. He creates the nourishment of each of His creature before He creates them. No one can take away the nourishment destined for each element of the creation.

41. Al-Haseeb (The Reckoner)

He is the one who takes account of all and everything that His creation does or is subjected to.

42. Al-Jaleel (The Exalted)

He is the lord of majesty and might. His might, greatness and eternity bear no resemblance to any energy, matter or time.

43. Al-Kareem (The Generous)

He is the generous one. His greatest generosity is His mercy, through which He forgives when He could punish.

44. Ar-Raqeeb (The Watchful)

He is the one who watches everything always. This scrutiny of every detail in the existence of all creation is in part protective.

45. Al-Mujeeb (The Responsive)

He is the one who responds to all the needs of His servants. He is closer to His creatures than they are to themselves. He is not any closer to a saint than He is to you or to a mustard seed.

46. Al-Waasi' (The All-Encompassing)

He is the limitless vastness, whose knowledge, power, mercy, generosity and all other beautiful attributes are infinite.

47. Al-Hakeem (The Wise)

He is perfectly wise in His knowledge and His deeds. There is no doubt or uncertainity in His knowledge, nor does it have an end.

48. Al-Wadood (The Most Loving)

He is the one who loves His good servants. He is the only one who is worthy of love.

49. Al-Majeed (The Most Glorious)

He is glorious and majestic in the whole of His creation and beyond. No hand reaches Him, no power can touch Him, yet He is closer to His servants than their own souls. His state is pure perfection. His acts are pure wisdom.

50. Al-Baa'ith (The Resurrector)

He is the raiser from the dead. He will give life back to all creation on the day of judgement.

51. Ash-Shaheed (The Witness)

He is the one who witnesses all that happens everywhere at all times.

52. Al-Haqq (The Truth)

He is the truth, whose being is ever unchanged.

53. Al-Wakeel (The Trustee)

He is the ultimate and faithful trustee. Men think that they are able to do, but He is the one who does everything. He can replace everything in the universe, but nothing can replace Him nor can stand on its own without dependending on Him.

54. Al-Qawiyy (The Most Strong)

He is the most strong one, the inexhaustible. He possesses all strength. He can create a billion universes with the same ease with which He creates a blade of grass.

55. Al-Mateen (The Firm)

He is perfect in His strength and in His firmness. None can be saved from this strength, no force can oppose it and nothing can weaken it.

56. Al-Waliyy (The Patron)

He is the protecting friend of His good servants. He eliminates their difficulties and gives them guidance, peace and success in their affairs in this world and in the hereafter.

57. Al-Hameed (The Praiseworthy)

He is the most praiseworthy. All that exists praise Him with their words, their actions or simply by their very existence. He is the only one who is worthy of devotion, respect, thankfulness and praise.

58. Al-Muhsee (The Reckoner)

He is the possessor of all quantitative knowledge. He sees and knows everything in its reality. He knows the number of all existence in the universe down to the number of breaths exhaled and inhaled by each of His creatures.

59. Al-Mubdi' (The Originator)

He is the originator of all. He creates without model or material.

60. Al-Mu'eed (The Restorer)

He is the restorer of things He has created and destroyed.

61. Al-Muhyee (The Giver of Life)

He is the giver of life to things without life. He is the one who has created life and death. No one else can do that.

62. Al-Mumeet (The Giver of Death)

He is the creator of death. All who are alive will certainly die. Man is made of a combination of the flesh and the soul. The body is temporal, the soul is eternal.

63. Al-Hayy (The Ever-Living)

He is the perfectly alive and ever-living one. He is cognizant of all and all actions are His. All this known and will be known is within His knowledge. All existence is always comprehended in His action.

64. Al-Qayyoom (The Self-Subsisting Sustainer of All)

He is the ever self-existing one upon whom the existence of all depends. His existence depends on none other than Himself.

65. Al-Waajid (The Finder)

He finds and obtains whatever He wishes whenever He wishes. It is even superfluous to use the word 'find' because all is in His presence at all times.

66. Al-Maajid (The Glorious)

He is the most glorious, who shows infinite generosity and munificence to those close to Him.

67. Al-Waahid/Al-Ahad (The One)

He is one. He has no equal, none like Him, nor any partner in His essence, in His attributes, in His actions, in His orders, or in His beautiful names.

68. As-Samad (The Eternally Besought)

He is the satisfier of all needs and all is in need of Him. He is the sole recourse; the only place of support where one may go to rid oneself of all trouble and to receive all that one needs through the blessings of this name.

69. Al-Qaadir (The Omnipotent)

He is the all powerful who does what He wills the way He wills. He created the universe by Himself, from nothing, with neither material nor model. He said 'BE' and it became.

70. Al-Muqtadir (The Powerful)

He is the one who creates all power and has total control over all power. He bestowes power upon things on earth and in heaven, and uses them in accordance with His all pervasive wisdom and will.

71. Al-Muqaddim (The Expediter)

He brings forward whomever He wills. He advances the chosen among His creation, bringing some above and ahead of others.

72. Al-Mu'akhkhir (The Delayer)

He leaves behind whomever He wills and delays advancement.

73. Al-Awwal (The First)

He is the first. There is none like Him. His firstness means that there was none prior to Him. He is self-existant, all comes from Him and He is the cause of all that became.

74. Al-Aakhir (The Last)

He is the last. He has no beginning. He has no end. He is eternal. He is the last in the sense that the circle of existence begins and ends with Him.

75. Ath-Thaahir (The Manifest)

He is the manifest one. He is hidden from those who seek to see by means of their senses, but He is apparent to those who seek to know Him by the wisdom and reason that He has bestowed upon them.

76. Al-Baatin (The Hidden)

He is the hidden one. His existence is both manifest and hidden. To truly know the creator is not possible because the knowledge, the mind, the understanding of the created one are limited.

77. Al-Waalee (The Governer)

He is the sole manager and governer of the whole creation.

78. Al-Muta'aalee (The Most Exalted)

He is the supreme one. His greatness grows. As He gives from His inexhaustible treasures His riches increase. As the needs of His creation increase, His bounties increase.

79. Al-Barr (The Source of All Goodness)

He is the perfect doer of good. All goodness and bounty come from Him. He loves for His servants only good, comfort and ease.

80. At-Tawwaab (The Acceptor of Repentance)

He is one who constantly turns man to repentance.

81. Al-Muntaqim (The Avenger)

He is the great avenger. He punishes those who persist in revolting, raving in their unconsciousness and egotism, creating disharmony, tyrannizing His servants and His creation.

82. Al-'Afuww (The Pardoner)

He is the forgiver, the eliminator of sins. He does not often punish the ones who deny, the ones who revolt. He accepts their recognition of their sins as repentance. He erases their sins.

83. Ar-Ra'oof (The Most Kind)

He is all clement. Inspite of His ability to see our sins, of His being just, of His being able to punish, the fact that He chooses to forgive proves His infinite mercy and clemency.

84. Maalik-ul-Mulk (The Owner of Sovereignity)

He is the eternal owner of His kingdom. He shares neither the ownership, nor the power, government or guardianship of the universe with anyone.
Dhul-Jalaali Wal-Ikraam

85. Dhul-Jalaali Wal-Ikraam (Majestic and Benevolent)

He is the lord of majesty and bounty. There is no perfection that does not belong to Him nor any blessing or honor that comes from other than Him.

86. Al-Muqsit (The Just)

He is the one who acts and distributes in justice and fairness. How harmonious and balanced is the creation: all the beauties in heaven and earth, mountains, seas, sunsets, flowers and also the eyes to see.

87. Al-Jaami' (The Gatherer)

He is the gatherer of whatever He wishes, wherever He wishes. He has gathered together within this universe spaces, galaxies, stars, planets, seas, plants and animals, things whose nature, size, shape and color are different.

88. Al-Ghaniyy (The Self-Sufficient)

He is the rich one who is self-sufficient. His essence and attributes have no relationship to anything else. His existence and perfection depend on no other and He does not need to earn His existence.

89. Al-Mughnee (The Enricher)

He is the enricher. He renders whomever He wishes rich and whomever He wishes poor.

90. Al-Maani' (The Preventer of Harm)

He is the one who averts harm from His creation.

91. Adh-Dhaar (The Distresser)

He is the creator of the harmful and evil as He is the creator of the good and benificial. He has also taught us to opt for the good and avoid the evil. He has given us the power of discrimination and the will and freedom to choose.

92. An-Naafi' (The Propitious)

He is the creator of good. He has created man as the best of His creation and He has bestowed upon him gifts which render him unique and superior to the rest of the creation.

93. An-Noor (The Light)

He is the light that is shed upon the whole creation, making it apparent. His light brought existence out of the darkness of non-existence.

94. Al-Haadee (The Guide)

He is the one who gives guidance, leading His servants to good, benificence and the fulfillment of their needs.

95. Al-Badee' (The Originator)

He is the originator of the creation, having created it without model or material. He does not need previous knowledge to think, to first investigate, to figure things out. Everything He creates is a wonder since He originated it from nothing.

96. Al-Baaqee (The Everlasting)

He is the everlasting one who existence in the future is forever. He has neither beginning nor end. The creation will end and time with it. But He will still exist.

97. Al-Waarith (The Ultimate Inheritor)

He is the ultimate inheritor, to whom everything is left after its temporal possessors are gone. It is He who exists after all existence disappears. It is He to whom all existence returns.

98. Ar-Rasheed (The Guide to the Right Path)

He is the righteous teacher who ordains righteousness for all creatures. In His wisdom He leads all matters to their finality in a perfect way and order.

99. As-Saboor (The Patient One)

He is the most patient one. In His creation as in His actions, in His dealings with His creation, nothing is either bigger or smaller, better or worse, earlier or later than it is determined for it to be.
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