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I've received many requests on a reliable, easy and if possible free way to run the Athan off of the computer (PC).
Up until recently, the below instructions were by far the best I could come up with; and they worked fairly well considering my dissatisfaction with all the programs I would have to run on my machine. I'm happy to say now that "Prayer Times" is masha'Allah very impressive. The Athan utility is actually a FireFox add-on. FireFox, in brief, is an Internet Explorer (IE) alternative. One that I prefer many times over all other browsers. The Athan add-on can be downloaded here. In my opinion, it's well worth it.

Still ... to keep true to the old instructions, here's what I personally used to do; until Prayer Times came along:

Keep in mind that the following requires Windows as your operating system (OS).
More specifically, one with Scheduled Tasks. This, I'm sure, will run on any platform that supports automated tasks, which can run at a certain time for a specified duration.

The following is very straight forward and should be intuitive. Nonetheless, to clarify any confusing parts, I'm offering this mini-tutorial.

Athan audio files are available for download at the bottom of this page.

Assuming we're in a Windows OS/platform:
First, choose Scheduled Tasks. This is usually found by following this path:

  • Start button
  • Programs
  • Accessories
  • System Tools
  • Scheduled Tasks




Second, choose Add Scheduled Task. The example shows the Athans already selected, please ignore that. Just choose Add Scheduled Task.


Third, and following the wizard, click Next.



Forth, DO NOT pick an "Application." Instead, click "Browse..."



Fifth, as a result of the "Browse..." you should pick the audio file containing the Athan. This file may be any audio file (.wav, .mp3, etc.) for which you have an application to play it.
You may be picking the same audio file for each one of the Athan/prayer calls (Fajr, Thuhur, etc.)



Sixth, name this task.
The first one, obviously, will be the Fajr Athan. And that's what I'm using for this example.
Keep in mind that the Athan for Fajr could be the only different Athan file, since it includes the Iqamah call.
You also must pick how often this task is performed. Since the Athan is a daily occurrence, "Daily" is picked.




Seventh, you pick the time. Again, since this is the Athan task we're setting up, the time here for Fajr is a bit after 6am.



Eighth, click "Finish."

Following are carefully selected Athan files with their respective descriptions for you to download and use with the above Scheduled Task.

Your du'aa is much appreciated.
Ahmad al-As'ad (
Ahmad M. al-As'ad


Please be sure to unzip the file(s) before using this mini-tutorial.
Athan (3,067KB zip file) - This is my favorite sounding Athan. An Egyptian Athan, I believe.
Athan2 (4,109KB zip file) - Fajr Athan with Iqamah from Madinah.
Athan3 (3,721KB zip file) - Highly recommended file. This Athan is the same as the first one, but it contains a du'aa in the same file.

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